Will the real Nora Madasamy please stand up?

I have always maintained from Day One that all Islamophobes, especially the murtadds of Islam, are inherently cowards. They would not dare use their real names to speak out openly against Islam, unless if they are backed by a strong benefactor. This belief of mine was put to the test when “Nurulhuda” first appeared. Is her name really “Nurulhuda”, and is she really as “open” as she seemed to be? The answer is no, not in the least. I have discovered that “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad” is not her real name at all.

In the above screenshot, you will find that there is a “NMadasamy” attached to her “nurulhuda_bt_mohammad” handle in Yahoo! Groups. “NMadasamy” stands for Nora Madasamy, which is her name after she apostatised to Hinduism.

The details in this screenshot connects “Nurulhuda” and “NMadasamy” aka Nora Madasamy that she used in Yahoo. It is very much conclusive here that “Nurulhuda and Nora Madasamy are the one and the same person. Digging further, I discovered that both “Nurulhuda” and “NMadasamy” use the same email, which is nmadasamy@nmadasamy.com

But wait….didn’t she claim to be of Muslim background? How can she be an apostate if she has a Hindu-sounding name? It didn’t take long to figure that part of the puzzle.

So she is indeed an apostate from Islam. The “Madasamy” name is a family name belonging to her husband, as she admitted as much in this following screenshot.

That would mean that she would have gone by another name before she apostatised. Her real, given name by her parents. It didn’t take long to find her real “Malay” name and in the next blog post, I will demonstrate this and reveal her real name.

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