Will the real Nora Madasamy please stand up?

I have always maintained from Day One that all Islamophobes, especially the murtadds of Islam, are inherently cowards. They would not dare use their real names to speak out openly against Islam, unless if they are backed by a strong benefactor. This belief of mine was put to the test when “Nurulhuda” first appeared. Is her name really “Nurulhuda”, and is she really as “open” as she seemed to be? The answer is no, not in the least. I have discovered that “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad” is not her real name at all.

In the above screenshot, you will find that there is a “NMadasamy” attached to her “nurulhuda_bt_mohammad” handle in Yahoo! Groups. “NMadasamy” stands for Nora Madasamy, which is her name after she apostatised to Hinduism.

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Ops Burung Kakaktua is complete

For months now, a particularly annoying bitch by the name of “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad” has been trolling around Facebook by creating a myriad of anti-Islam and pro-murtadd pages, posting irreverent comments about Islam and its Prophet SAWS on anti-murtadd Facebook pages, and pretty much showing disdain for anything related to Islam everywhere she goes.

What do we know about “Nurulhuda”? She claims to be a former nurse of Malay descent from Singapore, married a man “whose skin is as black as coal” (translated from the BM) and is involved in local school activities. The scant information that she revealed about herself are important to help discover this troll’s true identity.

The above screenshot is from her Yahoo! profile and it will prove crucial in piecing the puzzle together.

Goodbye, beautiful images

Looks like some of my images got canned after I switched hosts for my Free Image Hosting site from a UK server to a CA one. Hence you will see some missing images on this blog (and probably elsewhere too). I couldn’t find any previous backups for the site, although I thought that I had stored it somewhere on the HDD. Until I do and get it restored, I think I will have to assume that those images are lost at this juncture. No point trying to fret over it….I just have to move on and continue with the plan.

Goodbye, beautiful images…you were great while you lasted.

MENJ does not run pornography websites

There has been this annoying claim among the Islamophobes who hate my guts (basically because I am openly waging an “online war” against their kufr) that I own and run a network of pornography websites, and that I earn money from such sites. In the past, I have ignored such allegations because I had thought back then that it was silly and it will die out on its own. I was wrong about the latter part. This lie has been picked on by many of my online “enemies” who have a axe to grind where I am concerned, simply because of my stance against apostasy from Islam.

I am categorically denying that this has happened or ever occurred. I do not run pornography websites and I have no interest of managing any. Anyone who repeats this lie is nothing more than a pathological moron who repeats the lie simply on hearsay. My open statement on this matter can be read here.