Ops Burung Kakaktua is complete

For months now, a particularly annoying bitch by the name of “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad” has been trolling around Facebook by creating a myriad of anti-Islam and pro-murtadd pages, posting irreverent comments about Islam and its Prophet SAWS on anti-murtadd Facebook pages, and pretty much showing disdain for anything related to Islam everywhere she goes.

What do we know about “Nurulhuda”? She claims to be a former nurse of Malay descent from Singapore, married a man “whose skin is as black as coal” (translated from the BM) and is involved in local school activities. The scant information that she revealed about herself are important to help discover this troll’s true identity.

The above screenshot is from her Yahoo! profile and it will prove crucial in piecing the puzzle together.

Incoming search terms:

  • burung kakak tua

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