Nora Madasamy is running scared

For the chronology leading to the unmasking of the Islamophobe troll “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad” (not her real name), see Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Poor Nora Madasamy, the spiritual-less murtadd and ex-Hindu who married a keling for his kote yang tak bersunat itu1 will never understand the true meaning of jihad fisabilillah and that the duty of every Muslim to his / her deen is to serve their Lord, Who is the Sustainer of all, without the expectation of any reward in this mortal realm. Hence her lame attempt on accusing me of using “intimidation and fear” tactics to expose her, as you can see in her latest incessant ranting on her Facebook wall.

I find it funny that an ex-Hindu is saying all these things about religion in particular. I guess too much worshipping of elephants and monkeys has infected your brain eh, Madasamy? And why would I want to give you a rod in jail, when all I want is for you to rot in there? Your English is not very good at all, is it?

Some points to consider:

1. If you truly believe that what you are doing is “right”, then why go all through the trouble of masquerading behind an identity “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad” which is definitely not your real name? Yet you try to pass it off as though that is the name you were given by your parents. In addition, you give people the impression that you are residing in Singapore, when you are no longer staying in your country and spread your filth in Malaysia, my homeland. So who is being the real coward here?

2. I have always been using my real name2 in discovering and exposing Islamophobic murtadds like you ever since I began my online Islamic activisim in 2003. Anyone who wants to find out more about me can look it up easily. So again, who are you accusing of being a coward? My handle “Ibn Juferi” is not even a fake name, it is connected to my real-life identity.

3. I don’t need to “threaten with threats and the rotan” to justify my “spiritualism”. It seems that you are unable to understand the difference between standing up for what you believe in and being a plain nasty, aged agent provocateur3 sowing seeds of discord in Muslim-majority Malaysia and inciting others to hate Islam, in the hopes that there are ignorant Muslims out there who will apostatise after reading your lies about Islam. Yet again, you are being overly dramatic and trying to twist and turn your way out of your own mess. You have no one else to blame but yourself, Norhaiyah Mahmood aka Nora Madasamy. Kena tutuh dengan keling banyak sangat ke?

In the end, the most important thing for you to know is that only God could have shown me the way to find all the humongous information I discovered about you. So you should be blaming God for giving me the strength to expose your true identity. Oh, I forgot…you don’t believe in Allah SWT, do you? So how was I able to find your information? :mrgreen:

Incoming search terms:

  • norhaiyah binti mahmood
  • murtad in singapore
  • adlin binti abd jalil wanted by interpol
  • kote keling
  1. Some Singaporean Muslims whom I shared the information with about her with called her a DKK, darah keturunan keling but the term is unfamiliar to me. []
  2. Even my About page has my real photo in it. What a pathetic soul you truly are. []
  3. So why did you choose Islam to direct your hate against and not Hinduism? []

26 thoughts on “Nora Madasamy is running scared

  1. Norhaiyah Binti Mahmood says:

    And what exactly do you plan to accomplish with this information? Just blog about me and make a murtad celebrity out of me? Haha, I am so flattered, but you are pathetic…

    • Ibn Juferi says:

      I have already demonstrated from Points 1 – 3 on why I think that you are the pathetic soul. There is nothing else for me to add further to it.

  2. Norhaiyah Binti Mahmood says:

    What have you accomplished here? I see nothing but nonsense. You are only making a fan boy out of yourself over me haha

    • Ibn Juferi says:

      You are starting to live up to your nickname, Burung Kakaktua. Repeating the same question over and over again when you have already been answered. Isn’t it enough to know that everyone now knows that you are a LIAR who has been masquerading behind a fake name all this while? Looks like even Atheists practice taqiyyah like the Shi’a do!

  3. Norhaiyah Binti Mahmood says:

    You have not been answering my question. Again, I ask you one more time if you care to tell me what do you accomplish from fanning me in you blog? You’re giving me publicity, you know πŸ˜‰

    • Ibn Juferi says:

      You must be so full of yourself if you think I am purposely giving “cheap publicity” to you, keling-wannabe.

  4. Norhaiyah Binti Mahmood says:

    You can answer in a more constructive manner instead of rambling you thoughts away. Come, I’ll teach you.

    From blogging about Norhaiyah Binti Mahmood my blog wish to accomplish the following:
    1. More traffic hits, which unfortunately have not been realized
    2. Attention and rage, inspiring jihad from the Muslim community, which no sane Muslim cared to buy into what you say, lol
    3. Criminalize an act which isn’t being ruled as a crime in Malaysia

    You have forgotten you’re living in Malaysia, home of the munafiq and murtads. You think this in Saudi Arabia?

    You’re really losing it, Nieshame.

    • Ibn Juferi says:

      LMAO, you must be really infantile in your thinking if all you think that my purpose in life is to aim for traffic. Simply because:

      1. This blog is NOT a money-making blog of mine and there are hardly any ads on this blog.

      2. The “attention and rage”, you brought it upon yourself with your multifaceted lies and attacks on the Prophet SAWS in particular and Islam in general.

      3. If you think inflaming and inciting hatred towards the “religion of the Federation” does not constitute as a crime in Malaysia, then you are simply ignorant and deluded. Plain and simple. If your accomplice Adlin bt Abd Jalil can be marked by the authorities and is currently listed on the Wanted list by Interpol for insulting Islam, what chances do you think YOU have?

      The one that is losing their marbles is just you. No need to project your insecurities on me. You never did answer my question: why are you still pretending to be an Atheist who hates all forms of religion when once, you were a devout Hindu regarded as an authority in the religion?

      I truly pity you, Madasamy. And I will never call you “Norhaiyah binti Mahmood” because you don’t deserve such a beautiful name in Arabic. Since you chose the keling name for yourself, you will be called that: NORA MADASAMY.

  5. Norhaiyah Binti Mahmood says:

    I did not ask you to elaborate my assumption what your answers are going to be. You still have not answered the question, Nieshame. Try completing the following sentence:

    By blogging about Norhaiyah Binti Mahmood my blog has accomplished _________________.

    You really cannot stand that my real legal name is Norhaiyah Binti Mahmood, can you? lol

    As far as I am concerned, the Malaysian government has no rights to invoke a law to criminalize me for being an outspoken apostate of Islam. A Malaysian outspoken apostate of Islam that you imagined to be a wanted person by Interpol is just in your imagination. Criminals and wanted persons wanted by Interpol can be found here:

    I see no Malaysian citizen being wanted by Interpol for disrespecting the sanctity Islam. Haha, you lose πŸ˜›

    • Ibn Juferi says:

      “By blogging about Norhaiyah Binti Mahmood my blog has accomplished _________________.”

      “…the fact that you are a liar masquerading behind a fake identity, “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad” and hence proving my theory that all apostates are inherently cowards.”

      As for Adlin Abd Jalil and Interpol, it is written all over the web as reported by various blogs. Your meaningless link is not worth anything IMO.

      No idea why you are calling me “Nieshaame”, Madasamy. That is not a name I usually use online.

    • Atiqah says:

      knp gune name nurulhuda?, knp tk gune jer name hindu ko jer…klo dh bangga sgt jd murtad, gune je la name murtad ko…n lg satu, tk yh le nk ajak2 org len murtad same2…riso la pulak kn, klo ttibe negara ni jlnkn hukum hudud…rmai la pulak org mati…termasuk la ko.

  6. hero says:

    kesian dkt si murtad….bangang,giler,aq rase dier ni nx rase klte keling kot…sbb tu kawin dn kelingg….kesian mk bpak dier dpt ank bangang nx mampos …klo diorang thu nnty jd cmni dri kecik ag buang kt sungaii……

  7. che aniey says:

    Ya Allah S.W.T jauhkanla aku & keluarga aku dari golongan murtad ini. Sia sia hidup di bumi ini jika DUNIA yang kau cari. SIA SIA hidup di bumi ini jika kau fikir kau pandai berkata-kata & tidak akan MATI. SIA SIA ajaran Al-Quran selama ini yg kau belajar.. oh sia-sia hidup semata2 menjadi murtad dan bangga. KESIAN πŸ˜‰

  8. hang jebat says:

    bodoh punya mahluk murtad….bangga sgt kawen ngn keling kapiaq…
    sian kt mk pak dpt ank yg murtad mcm ang….sial punya ank…

  9. madasamy sama samy says:

    x pyh nak speaking sgt la keling. hg tunggu laa nt kena apa. ingat tulis kat blog x boleh kena tindakan apa-apa ka? bodoh.

  10. murtad wajib di bunuh says:

    bila org dah murtad dan tak kembali, wajib di bunuh…btw, keling sg ni ada kat malaysia ??? di mana agaknyaaa

  11. ixora azura says:

    i respect u, menj..will support u forever!!

    and the keling pathetic wannabe, i believed u still haven’t found yr inner peace though u have change up to 3 times religion? and to cover the missing part from yr pathetic soul, do u actually think by cursing and put a blame in islam might help u with that??? seriously, i am pity u..actually u’re the one who desperately needed help!hoping just u’re not going to end up yrself by killing yr jack ass self..u know what i mean?? normally keling kan suka bunuh diri? its like suicidal is a must in hindu?? rite??

    here’s a thing, u should doing something good for yrself like how to be a good sami, or go to tibet or maybe convert to Jew and move to israel..rather than becoming a attention seeker, fame whore etc..or..u should talk to yr keling husband maybe bout yr intimate issue..i bet yr hubby doesn’t served u well, so u kept barking for attention that u’re have craving for it..i hope u don’t have CCD..hurm..craving for cock disorder…maybe, after u’ve solve this matter, then u’ll get yr inner peace..try it..i’m sure u’ll be good after this and no more barking…

  12. aishah nur says:

    aku sokong blog ni. nurulhuda memang keling as banyak sngat persamaan komen2 dia dengan yang lain2. yes it cheap publicity for u. at least kita beware tentang orang ini!!!

  13. Malaysia Pride says:

    Come on Nora Madasamy? Why do you have to do this(murtad) in the very first place? May Allah forgive you. Come back to Islam. That’s all I can say. Wallahualam.

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