Nora Madasamy lied about her real identity

Before I exposed Nora Madasamy as the real identity behind the “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad” fake name, I confronted her “Nurulhuda” alias with the evidence I gathered about her and told her to remove all her anti-Islam pages….or else. She denied that she had any connection with Nora Madasamy.

Now she has admitted on her Facebook wall that she is Nora Madasamy, as written on her profile wall:

Watching the drama at pendedahan reminds me of the many reasons, and I’m more convince now that what I’m doing is right. So all that exposure is meant to intimidate me. But I’m not. I’m very proud of my family including the many other children that has come to seek shelter in my humble home.

Here, she is pretending as though as she will have nothing to fear if she were confronted with her real identity. I present to you below the original transcript of my confrontation with her, where she explicitly did a taqiyyah on me and lied about her real self.

Click on the above image for a larger view.

One thought on “Nora Madasamy lied about her real identity

  1. syahir says:

    Nah. after all, she is just another ‘this kind of people’. Nurse eh? if you know what i mean. Not a big loss for Islam at all. poor kakak tua. come debat depan2 la. i mean with your real identity, name, real self. u think u r that good huh?
    come, do like what i do right now. like what ibn juferi did. come fight us with brain depan2 la. bukan kutuk2 Nabi gua belakang2 ngan nama samaran. kahkahkahkah
    hehehe. btw, i know you will read this. kikiki..

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