A dying “Alexis Petrov”?

I’m not for one to wish ill upon others, but knowing the history of this particular atheist bitch and Islamophobe-extraordinaire, I am making an exception here.

By Allah azza wa jalla, this is the best news I’ve received in recent times. I have no doubt in my mind that this is Allah’s subhana wa ta’ala answer to the lies, misconceptions, distortions and countless hate-diatribe and propaganda this atheist bitch has spread against Islam in the Politics & Religion section of a certain webmaster forum (which I shall not name here).

Let’s see whether your atheist “gawd” can save you from Vasculitis, “alexispetrov” (never thought for one second that this is “her” real name, since all these Islamophobes are inherently cowards). My du’a to your condition is that may Allah SWT give proper retribution for all the lies and mean things you have said about Islam and the Muslims. Maybe this disease will make you think twice about wishing for a nuclear bomb to be dropped on the Muslim population.

Nah. Somehow I doubt that.

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