Nora Madasamy lied about her real identity

Before I exposed Nora Madasamy as the real identity behind the “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad” fake name, I confronted her “Nurulhuda” alias with the evidence I gathered about her and told her to remove all her anti-Islam pages….or else. She denied that she had any connection with Nora Madasamy.

Now she has admitted on her Facebook wall that she is Nora Madasamy, as written on her profile wall:

Watching the drama at pendedahan reminds me of the many reasons, and I’m more convince now that what I’m doing is right. So all that exposure is meant to intimidate me. But I’m not. I’m very proud of my family including the many other children that has come to seek shelter in my humble home.

Here, she is pretending as though as she will have nothing to fear if she were confronted with her real identity. I present to you below the original transcript of my confrontation with her, where she explicitly did a taqiyyah on me and lied about her real self. Continue reading

Nora Madasamy is running scared

For the chronology leading to the unmasking of the Islamophobe troll “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad” (not her real name), see Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Poor Nora Madasamy, the spiritual-less murtadd and ex-Hindu who married a keling for his kote yang tak bersunat itu will never understand the true meaning of jihad fisabilillah and that the duty of every Muslim to his / her deen is to serve their Lord, Who is the Sustainer of all, without the expectation of any reward in this mortal realm. Hence her lame attempt on accusing me of using “intimidation and fear” tactics to expose her, as you can see in her latest incessant ranting on her Facebook wall.

I find it funny that an ex-Hindu is saying all these things about religion in particular. I guess too much worshipping of elephants and monkeys has infected your brain eh, Madasamy? And why would I want to give you a rod in jail, when all I want is for you to rot in there? Your English is not very good at all, is it?

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Nora Madasamy is revealed

Earlier, I have already given hints about who “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad” (not her real name) might be here and here. I have already mentioned that NMadasamy / Nora Madasamy is the name connected to her “nurulhuda_binti_mohammad” Yahoo handle and it is definitely reasonable to assume that Nora Madasamy is no doubt the person behind the fake identity “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad”. Having said that, this cannot originally be her real name, as she has claimed several times that she comes from a (Malay) Muslim background in Singapore.

It wasn’t too difficult to find her real “Malay” name online. Since both “Nurulhuda” and Nora Madasamy use the email, it is therefore logical to say that anyone who uses this personal email will most definitely be the same person as Nora Madasamy aka “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad”.

The following screenshot from MKIS reveals the real name of this troll.

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